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Save time

Employees are spending an average of 1 hour a day on unnecessary emails, leaving less time to be productive. Taming Your Inbox is a cohesive strategy for processing emails that will reduce the amount of time you spend on emails daily. Try our calculator to find out how much time and money you can save.
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Eliminate stress

Email stress is data overload; over a third of email users get stressed by the volume of emails they receive. Taming Your Inbox helps by changing the mindset of the user, in turn, removing the stress and worry of dealing with email.
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Key points

  • Reduce the stress of dealing with email
  • A cohesive strategy for processing  emails
  • Improve your ability to react quickly
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on emails daily
  • Guaranteed empty inbox
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More efficient

Do you dread opening your email and seeing the number of emails yet to be read? Taming Your Inbox aims to reduce the number of emails circulating, therefore reducing the worry of dealing with emails and giving you back an hour or more a day. We serve businesses across the UK. Contact us to find out how to break free from your inbox.
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