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Manage cc emails efficiently

Are you cc'd on many emails every day, some you want, some you don't? Taming Your Inbox is the right choice for you. Our staff offer comprehensive training on managing business emails throughout the working day.

What happens on the day?

The first part of the day is a 1 ½- to 2-hour workshop. The workshop provides delegates with possibly their first ever opportunity to talk 'email'; their frustrations, challenges and the time they spend and waste dealing with emails every day. More importantly we introduce behavioural techniques delegates can use immediately that will save time managing their emails; this is the first essential step towards Taming Your Inbox. The techniques can also be used in all aspects of their working day.

We then begin to introduce the second essential step to succeeding with Taming Your Inbox and that is how you actually use your email software every day of the week. It’s a unique yet simple method that does not require extra software or apps.

Following the workshop, we will then spend time with each delegate at their desk implementing Taming Your Inbox and coaching them to use it. At the same time, we will also provide further email hints and tips.

It’s always at this stage that the penny drops and the real benefits of Taming Your Inbox are realised.

Who should attend?

Anyone using email throughout their working day. From the senior management team to those at associate level.

If you do not have control of your inbox, you can end up feeling the pressure of managing a seemingly endless number of emails. We can help! After a short time with us, you should have your inbox empty and be able to keep it that way.
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What will you learn?

  • A cohesive time saving strategy for dealing with emails
  • How to reduce the amount of emails you receive
  • How to walk out of the office at the end of the day with         an empty inbox
  • How to never miss an email that requires an action
  • How you can control your email, rather than let it                     control you
  • To love email again
  • How to find emails in seconds
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What do you need?

Acceptance of a different approach to using email is required to save you time and reduce work overload.

A fully licensed version of an email software on a laptop or desktop. We’ll be there to help you implement Taming Your Inbox in the classroom or at your desktop. We won’t leave until you’re fully up to speed with Taming Your Inbox and the time it will save you.

As someone recently said, 'it’s a revelation'.

We serve organisations across the UK. Additionally, we also offer public workshops. Contact our staff today to schedule a training session on spam control.
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