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Do you receive too many emails to read, every day? Do you need help managing your emails? You can rely on the staff at Taming Your Inbox to offer workshops on email management. Based in the Midlands, we offer our email management services to corporate organisations across the UK.

See what our happy customers have to say about us

It’s been really great , quite liberating. I feel much more in control of the email and enjoy Inbox zero.
- John (Moog UK)
I would 100% recommend this training tool to any organization‘Martin is very detail oriented and produced great results for both me and my colleagues here at Traffic Labour Supplies. I no longer worry about how many emails I receive. When I arrive on the Monday morning with over 70 emails in my inbox, within minutes I know what needs action, my inbox is empty and I know I will not miss a crucial email throughout the day. This is all thanks to Martin and his “Taming Your Inbox” programme. I now have greater control of my emails and spend at least an hour less a day dealing with them.
I would one hundred per cent recommend this training tool to any organization. Thank you, Martin.’
- Jordan (TLS Ltd)
I feel so much better equipped to cope with emails now
‘Just a quick note to say thanks for today. I am really feeling positive. I was a bit sceptical when you said that people felt like they had a weight lifted after your training, but it really is true!’
- Cath - Accountant
In the last few weeks I’ve had an explosion of project related emails, if I hadn’t gone through the TYI workshop and continued to use my old system I wouldn’t have coped.
- John - Business Analytics Manager
Email no longer controls my day
‘Martin has recently delivered his “Taming Your Inbox” programme within the organisation, which has had a fantastic effect on the use of email. Personally I spend between 2 and 3 hours or less a day on emails, and within minutes, I know exactly what emails require action. I now have more time to focus on the important and urgent issues in the business. Email no longer controls my day. I would recommend this programme to all email users.’
- Steve (TLS  Ltd)

Do you suffer from email overload? You can rely on our experienced staff to help you get rid of the stress. In addition to in-house workshops, we also offer public workshops where we provide small organisations with a clear strategy for dealing with emails. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more.
Call us on 01332 557300 today or email us to schedule 
an in-house workshop for your staff.
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