Time management tools to help organise your emails

Are you looking for a business that can help you manage the emails in your inbox? Look no further than Taming Your Inbox, based in the Midlands. We have many years of experience in the business and can help save time spent on sifting through unwanted emails.


What is Taming Your Inbox?
Taming Your Inbox is a cohesive strategy for managing emails, which will reduce the amount of time you spend on emails daily. It has been designed to help email users grab back an hour or more each day when dealing with emails.

Is Taming Your Inbox suitable for our organisation?
If you want to reduce the amount of time wasted on emails, reduce the amount of emails sent throughout the organisation, improve email communication and reduce the stress related to emails, then absolutely.

How are the in-house workshops run?
The workshop starts with a classroom-based discussion about email, looking at how email is currently used, the barriers to effective email use, the psychological aspects of email overload and introducing a new strategy for dealing with email. This generally takes about 1 1/2 hours. Following the classroom session, we will then sit with each delegate and set up their email using a methodology that will improve everyone’s email management. We will also coach each person on how to deal effectively with emails thereafter.

What if we have employees who are not advanced PC users?
Absolutely no worries at all. We have been very meticulous in creating an approach to emails that can be used by anyone, and we will help every step of the way.

How does the strategy impact our need to react quickly to emails?
It improves your ability to react quickly. It will also ensure that within a few minutes of opening your email, you will know exactly what needs to be done immediately, what is important, what is just noise and what can wait.

What email software should I be using?
Taming Your Inbox has been designed to be used with all the major email software providers in Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Apple mail. Let us know if you use anything different.

Can you help set up team and organisational email strategies?
We can work with you to understand how your email is currently used and what new strategies can be implemented to improve the use of email throughout the team and organisation.

What can we expect at the end of the workshop?
For most people, this is almost certainly a very different way of using email, but just as important a very different mindset to using email. Not forgetting, a guaranteed empty inbox by the time we leave.

How many people should attend the workshop?
Between 4 and 6 members of staff who use email.

I run a small business with less than 6 email users?
Not a problem, we run open courses as detailed on our site. If you do not find a suitable course, get in touch with us.
Our training sessions focus on managing time with business emails. Our staff also will give you some useful tips and tricks to implement a simple system to organise and define your work. With a wealth of experience in the business, we have acquired a good reputation from many corporate organisations across the UK. Take a look at some testimonials from our happy customers. Contact us today to discuss your needs.
Call Taming Your Inbox on 01332 557300 for time management tools across the UK.
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